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Generate a Brand-New Revenue Stream for Your Nonprofit at NO COST!

It’s usually a safe bet to assume that a nonprofit organization would like to increase its revenue and acquire more funds. High-performing nonprofit organizations foster a culture of constant improvement and regularly ask, “How can we grow and sustain increasing levels of income?”

There are a number of different income growth strategies that nonprofit organizations can use to generate much-needed revenue, and each strategy comes at a different “price.” While some revenue sources are easy to implement and require little technical expertise, others might be perfectly suited for the missions and strengths of your organization yet require a more significant investment.

Nonprofit organizations invent new ways to raise revenue every year, as their mission is to generate ongoing funding for the causes they support. While the parties might have different themes each year and new corporations may offer their sponsorship, the typical sources for donated funds tend to stay pretty much the same over time.

The Hail Network (THN), a socially responsible organization, has adopted a mission to assist nonprofits and charities in generating much-needed revenue to fund the causes they support, without any investment of time, money or other resources on their part.

Our Revenue Generator: The Roofing Business, a $20 Billion Industry, which is Virtually Recession Proof and Driven By:

  • An increase in single-family housing starts​​

  • A substantial increase in weather related damage; hail, windstorms, tornadoes & hurricanes​​

  • Demand is growing at a compound annual growth rate of 4.9%
  • The Roofing Industry will reach $19.9 billion in 2021.​​
  • The number of property damaging hail and wind storms have increased substantially over the past decade. There are now over 70 metro areas that routinely experience damaging hail or wind.​​

  • According to a recent report by Verisk Insurance Solutions, 10.7 million properties in the United States were affected by one or more damaging hail events in 2017.

The economy has no effect on the business – insurance companies pay for a new roof regardless of current economic conditions. The industry flourished during the great recession and has done even better during the past ten years.​​

You have either experienced this yourself or know someone who has.

Certified Contractors

Five star ratingTHN operates a national network of five-star “Certified Contractors” that provide roofing and other exterior restoration services. Certified Contractors pay a referral fee on every job that is referred through The Hail Network. THN shares the referral fee with Affiliates based on the referring Affiliate's Personal Affiliate Network.

Each contractor is pre-screened and must meet stringent requirements in order to qualify for membership in the network. All Certified Contractors are fully licensed and insured. A Contractor’s record of superior performance and excellent customer satisfaction is factored into

Receive an On-Going Revenue Stream from Your Supporters

Open laptop with affiliate program on the screenIn place of expensive traditional marketing or advertising, The Hail Network utilizes “Affiliates” to generate business for its network. Affiliates can earn commissions on business generated from their referrals and on referrals generated by other Affiliates in their Personal Affiliate Network. Affiliates have the opportunity to build a substantial income based on their commitment and participation in the Affiliate Network. Learn more about our Affiliate program.

Hands reaching for each other

As a socially responsible organization, we allow nonprofits to join the Affiliate Network, at no cost. Nonprofits can then expose The Hail Network to their supporters, who can also join at no cost. There is absolutely no risk on the part of the nonprofit or its supporters by joining the network.

This allows a nonprofit to build their own nonprofit affiliate network, which can include up to 19,530 affiliates. These affiliates can be positioned all over the country, which means that a nonprofit can earn revenue from referrals made by any affiliate in their network anywhere in the country.

This is an unprecedented fund raising opportunity that can provide up to a seven figure income stream for many years to come, without any cost or risk to the nonprofit or its supporters.

Click here for more information on the Affiliate program.

Man pasting words charity and give on whiteboardThe Hail Network is doing this because we believe that giving back to the communities that we serve will ultimately benefit us, as well as, the organizations we are helping to support.

Register your nonprofit today. There is no cost. The only risk you have is losing out to another nonprofit that takes the income from your supporters, if you are not registered in the program.

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