About Us

The Hail Network operates a national network of five-star “Certified Contractors” that provide roofing and other exterior restoration services. Each contractor is pre-screened and must meet stringent requirements in order to qualify for membership in the network. All Certified Contractors are fully licensed and insured. A Contractor’s record of superior performance and excellent customer satisfaction is factored into the overall selection process.

The Hail Network is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kentomi Alibenbret Capital Inc. (KACI), a private investment holding company.​

KACI is involved in the conception, development and funding of start-up companies across a variety of industries. The company focuses on seed capital for early-stage ventures.​

The company believes in the Japanese philosophy of Kaizen, which translates into "change for better" or "constant continuous improvement" and developing concepts that represent disruptive innovation.​

The Hail Network is an example of a concept based on disruptive innovation. The Hail Network takes an existing, well-entrenched business model - roofing - and adds a new element, which is currently not offered by existing services. The Hail Network does not compete with existing models, but completes the process in way that benefits customers.

The Process:

Customers contact The Hail Network for hail or wind damage related services.

The Hail Network assigns the inquiry to an appropriate Certified Contractor.

The contractor contacts customer to perform a free property inspection and provide a free estimate.

Customers are not bombarded with multiple contractors.

If, for whatever reason, a customer is not happy or satisfied with the contractor we have assigned, then we will send out another certified contractor.

Every project is then assigned to a Project Manager who monitors the project from beginning to end, which ensures that the job is completed on time and in a professional manner.

The Hail Network Certified Contractors are qualified to handle many different aspects of a hail or wind claim, such as; roofing, gutters, painting, stucco, windows, etc.

Certified Contractors provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee & Limited Lifetime Warranty on all labor and materials.

Our business model is designed to reward those people that market The Hail Network services. This is accomplished by devoting most of our marketing budget to fund The Hail Network Compensation Plan.

While traditional companies fund Madison Avenue type advertising, we believe that ‘word of mouth’ or referral marketing yields far better results. When you believe in a product, you tell people about it. You see, we believe your opinion is far more valuable than a newspaper ad or a television spot.

In place of expensive traditional marketing or advertising, The Hail Network utilizes “Affiliates” to generate business for its network. Affiliates can earn commissions on business generated from their referrals and on referrals generated by other Affiliates in their Personal Affiliate Network (PAN). Affiliates have the opportunity to build a substantial income based on their commitment and participation. To learn more about our Affiliate program and how it can help you earn some extra cash, click here.