Income Overview -
Compensation Plan

The Hail Network Affiliate program has been designed to help you generate a supplemental income or build a home-based business that can produce substantial, recurring revenue. Your level of involvement is determined by you.​

One of The Hail Network's greatest strengths is its Compensation Plan – a simple but powerful incentive for you to build your Front-line and subsequently your entire Personal Affiliate Network (PAN).

As an Affiliate, you automatically earn $200 or 100% of the commission amount on Level 1, on any personal direct referral. This commission remains fixed regardless of the number of new affiliates you sponsor on your Front-line.​

In addition, you earn 20% of your total potential commission generated by your PAN for each new affiliate you sponsor, on your Front-line, up to five new affiliates.

For example:

  • Sponsor your first affiliate, earn 20% of your commission generated by your PAN.
  • Sponsor your second affiliate, earn 40%
  • Sponsor your third affiliate, earn 60%
  • Sponsor your fourth affiliate, earn 80%
  • Sponsor your fifth affiliate, earn 100%

It’s easy to see that it’s very important to sponsor your five Front-line Affiliates to achieve maximum commission and the maximum donation to your sponsored nonprofit or charity.

The Hail Network Utilizes a 5 x 7
Forced Matrix Compensation Plan

The amount paid on each level is shown below:
LevelNumber of AffiliatesLevel Commission

The amounts shown above represent a 100% commission for each level. You must sponsor five new affiliates on your Front-line to qualify for 100% commission on each level, as outlined above, except for level 1, which is fixed at 100%.​

Since the income any Affiliate can earn is based on several factors, we do not make income guarantees or other earnings claims (see Income Disclosure Statement). Instead, we have developed what we call our “Hypothetical Income Calculator” (HIC). By using the HIC, you can enter whatever variables you desire to see what the resulting income would be. It’s fun and interesting to take a few minutes and play with the HIC.

Hypothetical Income Calculator

Levels Number of Affiliates Commission Rate Per Level Potential Earnings Per Level Affiliate Earnings Nonprofit Earnings
Level 1 200 200
Level 2 40
Level 3 40
Level 4 50
Level 5 50
Level 6 60
Level 7 60

How to Use the Hypothetical Income Calculator

Average Sale Amount:​

This is the average cost to replace a residential roof in America. It's a fixed cost and cannot be changed by the user.​

Number of Affiliates on Your Front-line
(level 2):

Enter the number of new affiliates that you feel you can sponsor on your Front-line. This number should be “5” if you want to maximize your commission. However, you can enter a number from 1 to 5.

Number of Affiliates Sponsored/Affiliate
(levels 3-7):

Enter the number of new affiliates that you feel each one of your affiliates in your PAN will sponsor. This number should also be “5”. Remember, they are motivated to sponsor five in their Front-lines, in order to maximize their commission rate, just like you. However, you can enter a number from 1 to 5.

Number of Roofing Referrals Made by You Per Year:

Enter the number of direct customer referrals that you feel you can make for new roofing jobs each year. You make the largest commission on your own direct referrals. For example, if a hailstorm hit your neighborhood and you referred five of your neighbors to The Hail Network, you could earn $1,000.

Percentage of Participation by Affiliates in Your PAN:

Not every affiliate participates at the same level. Some will make customer referrals every year, many will make more than one and some will not make any. It’s just how the game is played. You can enter the percentage of your PAN that you feel will make a referral each year. This number should be between 33% and 100% because of the one referral every three years requirement. Affiliates that make multiple referrals each year can average out those that make less, so a 100% participation rate can still be achieved even though all affiliates in your PAN do not make an annual referral.

Network commission:

This is the amount of commission ($500), for each sale, that is pro-rated among all seven levels, as outlined above.


  • It’s FREE!

  • Each time you make a direct referral, you earn commission.

  • Each time you sponsor a new affiliate, your potential revenue goes up.​

  • There is no limit on the number of direct referrals you can make​.

  • You can build out your PAN to 19,531 total Affiliates!​

  • Each one holding the power to make you money!​

  • Sponsor your favorite nonprofit and help them generate additional funds.