Tools & Support

The following outlines marketing tools that are available to every Affiliate for no cost or a nominal charge. Affiliates are NOT REQUIRED to purchase any tools that have a cost.

Affiliate App/Back Office (APP)

The APP will help you manage every aspect of your Personal Affiliate Network™. Your back office will allow you to track your commissions, monitor your referrals, display your Personal Affiliate Network downline business partners and provide you exposure to The Hail Network's marketing materials. The Hail Network has created everything you need to maximize your potential earnings and participate effectively.

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Personalized THN Business Card

You can download a digital business card by going to this link on your smart phone. Just fill in a few fields and you’re ready to go. When someone asks for your business card, just text them the image of your card. This also allows you to acquire their phone number. Like the app, business cards allow you to present the most professional image to your referrals and potential affiliate business partners. Along with your name and contact information, your digital business card will track new referral clients requesting a free inspection or estimate, so you always get credit. New Affiliate sign-ups are also tracked and automatically inserted into your Personal Affiliate Network (PAN).

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Yard Signs

Yard signs are a powerful marketing tool. Once a yard sign is placed in a homeowner’s front yard, other roofing companies typically bypass the house because no salesperson wants to waste their time talking with a homeowner that has already selected a roofing company. Plus, it stops the homeowner from being bombarded with canvassers knocking on their door day and night for several weeks.

When a hailstorm hits your neighborhood, what’s the first thing that you and all your neighbors will be doing? Everyone will be out in their front yard looking at the damage! This is the perfect time to talk with your neighbors, tell them about The Hail Network and offer to place a THN yard sign in their front yard to stop the salespeople and canvassers from knocking on their doors. If they elect to use The Hail Network, once the job is complete pull the yard sign for future use. You can purchase a pack of five yard signs with wire stakes for only $49, plus shipping, so you can earn up to $1,000 for referrals to your neighbors on every hailstorm. More signs can be ordered in packs of five, as you desire.

Storm Alerts

We tell you when hail or wind damage is likely to occur in your area so you can be ready when it does. Our weather center tracks storms that can produce damaging wind or hail and then sends out text alerts to our Affiliates

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24/7 Customer Care

The Hail Network prides itself on top-notch 24/7 customer care. You have four options for reaching help.

  • Use the “Chat” feature on this website. Get questions answered fast and easy, 24/7!
  • Email
  • Speak with a Customer Care Specialist. Available 7 am – 4 pm PT, M-F.
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