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The Hail Network provides you with an opportunity to earn as much as you desire.

Some new Affiliates will view this as a way to supplement their current income. Others will see it as an opportunity to build their own home-based business, without the large investment or risk that most entrepreneurs are required to make.​

What other opportunity allows you to earn a secondary income or build your own business just by making referrals? Your income is based on your efforts and the efforts of your entire Personal Affiliate Network (PAN).

The more referrals you personally make, the more money you earn. The more Affiliates in your PAN the more you can potentially earn.

Here’s How to Get Started:

Group of colored people on top of a circleStart Building Your Personal Affiliate Network (PAN)​

The Hail Network utilizes a 5 x 7 matrix for commission payouts.

Level 1: You

New affiliates sponsored on each level

Level 2:
Level 3:
Level 4:
Level 5:
Level 6:
Level 7:


(1 x 5) (Your Front-line)
(5 x 5)
(25 x 5)
(125 x 5)
(625 x 5)
(3,125 x 5)
Built-out Personal Affiliate Network

Group of people on laptops

The word frontline written on top of stone

The program is based upon each new Affiliate sponsoring just five more Affiliates.​

We call this an Affiliate’s “Front-line”. Any new Affiliates sponsored beyond five are placed under another Affiliate in a subsequent level. The sponsoring Affiliate can decide where they are placed, or our software will automatically place them in the next available position.​

So, the first thing a new Affiliate needs to do is sponsor their Front-line five. The easiest way to accomplish this is to simply send a text, email or use social media to introduce The Hail Network Affiliate Program to your social network. A short message such as the one shown below will do the trick:​

Man texting casually in kitchen at home

Hey _____,

Have you heard about The Hail Network? I just found out about it.

What’s interesting is that they’ve created a way that allows us to tap into the 20-billion-dollar roofing industry and make some extra cash, with virtually no cost or effort.

You know how often we get hit with hail, so why not get paid when it does. Just look around, the roofers are driving $80,000 trucks!

I went to their website, watched the video and decided to sign up. Thought you might want to take five minutes and check it out too.”​

Just provide a link to the Affiliate info page (www.jointhn.com) and ask them to enter your phone number in the “Referring Affiliate ID” field, if they decide to join. This will automatically link them to you and place them in your PAN.​

No hard sell. Let the website & video do the heavy lifting! They either see what a great opportunity this is, or they don’t.

Group of soccer ballsYou can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink!

Remember, you only need five to get the ball rolling.

If each new Affiliate does this, the program works perfectly, and PANs get built out.

Some Affiliates may need help in building out their Front-line (it’s hard to imagine anybody that cannot sponsor just five new Affiliates). This is where their sponsor can jump in and help out.

Some people will find it easy to sponsor dozens, if not hundreds, of new Affiliates. Others may find it difficult to sponsor five. It all goes back to the old adage, “20% of the people do 80% of the work”. But, as always, those that do the work, reap the rewards!

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Exponential Income Building Power

Group of people on top of mobile phoneEach time an Affiliate in your PAN makes a referral that results in a sale, you earn a commission. This generates passive income for you because you didn't have to do anything to earn it.

This can happen repeatedly because hail and wind damage occur in dozens of cities and towns across America each year.

Affiliates can be sponsored anywhere, so as your Personal Affiliate Network (PAN) builds out, new Affiliates will be sponsored in other storm prone markets and you’ll get paid from referrals that take place across the country!​

Imagine hundreds, even thousands of Affiliates making referrals each year.

You can do the math on your own using our Hypothetical Income Calculator available on the Income Overview page.

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